2018 Adopt a Family for Christmas Appeal

For most of us Christmas is a time of joy, love, gifts and quality time with family. But there are many families in our community who are experiencing financial hardship or difficulty.

The Adopt a Family for Christmas Appeal works with local charities and welfare agencies to identify families in need that you can ‘adopt’ by sourcing gifts, hampers or food to donate.

The Observer will publish the list of families to adopt below and in paper from Saturday 3 November; select the family you’d like to adopt, then get in touch with charity listed to find out how you can make Christmas truly memorable.


Office Contact Number: 07 4972 0047

Delivery Address: 21 Dawson Rd,


Deliver by Friday 14th December 2018

RH1 Mum, M9mths, M2

RH2 Mum, G2, G12mths

RH3 Mum, G1

RH4 Mum, 3 Girls aged 2-10yrs

RH5 1 Male aged 16-20yrs

RH6 6 Girls aged 16-20yrs

RH7 Mum, G2

RH8 Mum, G6mths, G2

RH9 Mum, G13, B12

RH10 Mum, Dad, G3, G7, G17

RH11 Dad, M16

RH12 Mum, G18

RH13 M49, F67

RH14 Mum, F13, M6, F4

Single Male

RH14 M64

RH15 M62

RH16 M76

RH17 M17

RH18 M38

RH19 M24

RH20 M24

RH21 M33

RH22 M37

RH23 M16

RH24 M20

RH25 M18

Single Female

RH26 F52

RH27 F71

RH28 F56

RH29 F71

RH30 F61

RH31 F57

RH32 F18

RH33 F20


Office Contact Number: 07 4970 1600

Delivery Address: 25 Off Street,


Delivery by COB Monday

18th December 2018

UCG1 Dad, Mum, M17, M15, F11, M10

UCG2 Mum, Dad, F10

UCG3 Mum, Dad, F10mths, F20mths

UCG4 Mum, M5

UCG5 Mum, Dad, M13, F12

UCG6 Mum, Dad, M6mths, F3

UCG7 Mum, M7, M10, M13, M17

UCG8 Mum, Dad, M6, M5, M4

UCG9 Mum, M5, M3, M3

UCG10 Mum, Dad, F5, M3, M18mths, M1mth

UCG11 Mum, F17, M15, M8

UCG12 Mum, F7, F18mths

UCG13 Mum, M4, M1

UCG14 Mum, Dad, M11, M11, F10, M9, M7

UCG15 Mum, F13, M6, F4

UCG16 Mum, Dad, M10, F4

UCG17 Mum, F11mths x2

UCG18 Dad, M11, M10, M9

UCG19 Mum, Dad, F17, F11, F10, F4, M11mths

UCG20 Mum, Dad, M6, F2

UCG21 Mum, F4, M10

UCG22 Mum, F16, F12, F14

UCG23 Mum, F6, F6, M2, F1

UCG24 Mum, Dad, M16, F14, M12 F9, M7, F4

UCG25 Dad, M10, M8, F5

UCG26 Mum, M11, M5

UCG27 Mum, F9

UCG28 Dad, F14, F13, F10, F6

UCG29 Mum, F8, M3

UCG30 Mum, Dad, F12, F10

UCG31 Mum, Grandparents, M2

UCG32 Mum, F10

UCG33 Mum, Dad

UCG34 Dad, Mum, F13, M14mths

UCG35 Dad, Mum, F12, F11, M9, F6, M4, M2

UCG36 Mum, M6, M5

UCG37 Mum, F12, F5, M2

UCG38 Mum, F13, F11, F8, F6, M5, F2

UCG39 Dad, Mum, F10, M6, M2


Office Contact Number: 07 4970 6100

Delivery Address: 50 Young St,


Delivery by 5pm Monday 12th

December 2018

ACQ1 Mum, F17, M4

ACQ2 Mum, Dad, F16, F15, M6, F6

ACQ3 Mum, Son – Young Adult

ACQ4 Mum – Mature, M – Young Adult

ACQ5 Mum, Dad, M6, F2

ACQ6 Adult Female

ACQ7 Mum, Dad, M6

ACQ8 Young Adult Male

ACQ9 Mum, F20, F16, F11, M13

ACQ10 Dad, F11

ACQ11 Female

ACQ12 Middle Aged Couple

ACQ13 Mum and Son

ACQ14 Mum, Dad, F28

ACQ15 Adult Female

ACQ16 Female, Male

ACQ17 Mum, F15, F11, M10

ACQ18 Mum, M10, F4, M2

ACQ19 Mum, Dad, M5, F1

ACQ20 Mum, M7, M1

ACQ21 Young Adult Female

ACQ22 Young Adult Male

ACQ23 Mature Aged Lady

ACQ24 Mum, Dad, M22, F19, F17, M9

ACQ25 Dad, F12

ACQ26 Senior Couple

ACQ27 Mum, Dad, F13, M11, F1

ACQ28 Mum, Dad, F15, M8

ACQ29 Mum, Dad, M12, M10, F3, F2

ACQ30 Mum, Dad, F14, F12, F8, F3

ACQ31 Mum, F11

ACQ32 Mum, Dad, F10, F9

ACQ33 Mum, M12

ACQ34 Mum, F12, F5 F4, M1

ACQ35 Mum, M7, M2

ACQ36 Mum, M6, F5

ACQ37 Grandmother, F9, F6

ACQ38 Mum, Dad F12, M11

ACQ39 Mum, Grandmother, 4xF in 20’s, 4xF, 3xM 8-18mths

ACQ40 Dad 60’s, Son 40’s

ACQ41 Mum, Dad F5

ACQ42 Dad, M15, M14

ACQ43 Grandmother, M4, F3, M2