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"I work with almost 70 Staff, Not one has said its an issue worth crying about, Seems like nothing else..."

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"The State of Origin is a great game to be part of, weather it be playing or spectating, Problem it is..."

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"I am starting to think that the LNP need to go, but I have serious doubts over Annastacia Palaszczuk."

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"Do you hear that all you freaks from over the boarder ! NO DAYLIGHT SAVINGS, so if you can not accept..."

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"Let me put into this context, What is the price for a litre of milk or equivalent ? I pay four dollars..."

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"So if it was budgeted for, in 2018, where did the money come from, I ask because my street has been due..."

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"As a big supporter of the LNP 3 years ago I have to admit I am now having serious doubts"

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"Isn't it funny Federal and State politics suppose to be separate, In Fact if you raise a state issue..."

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"Boo Hoo get over it, what do u want kids to work for slave labour"

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