October 2015

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WHEN so-called experts start debating whether you are even better than Wally Lewis, you know you will be remembered as one of the game’s best.

Is Thurston one of the NRL greats?

"Maybe he is maybe he isn't but one thing is for sure Joey Johns is an absolute Hoax"

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MANY of us are asking today: When is Barack Obama and US legislators going to do something about the appalling number of gun-related deaths in their country.

Oregon shooting massacre: How many more have to die?

"Johnny Depp made a joke about our Laws and lots of thing in Australia can kill you, well JD look at..."

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IT WAS concern for the safety of truck drivers that first ignited talk to realign the Eton Range Road, but once it’s complete, even koalas should be better off.

Eton Range bypass to protect koalas, Minister says

"only 15 years behind "

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THERE are 362 people ahead of Clare Thompson in the queue for a flight that might not exist.

Fans hold on to hope for flight to NRL grand final

"The government should be prosecuting Airlines for their Price Gouging - It is Illegal And Shame on the..."

September 2015

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THE Hippo reaches nosebleed territory. That’s how Mackay Showgrounds manager Steve Gavioli sums up the world’s highest inflatable water slide, named the Hippo.

Sliding in for a splash on the world's highest inflatable

""Mr Phillips said they only used half a megalitre of water". The MRC should be flogged for allowing..."

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There is plenty to see and do around the mackay region these school holidays, here are ten events worth a look

School holiday activities in the Mackay region

"Cool off in the many giant inflatable slides at a temporary theme park set up at the showgrounds."

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The pharmaceutical company he bought raised overnight the cost of a life-saving treatment for people with AIDS from $13.50 per pill to $750.

Hedge Fund trader buys AIDs drug, puts up price 5000%

"So its Okay for Pharmaceutical Companies to make millions from the sick, Or Oil Companies to Profiteer..."

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SPECULATION about the death of coal is “a great exaggeration”.

Speculation about death of coal an 'exaggeration': MP

"If you do not want coal the only viable solution at the moment is Nuclear !"

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TONY Abbott can be comforted by one thing as he processes his ousting at the hands of Malcolm Turnbull - the sizeable pension he could walk away with.

WATERCOOLER: Reported $300k pension for Tony Abbott

"That's the Perks, If you want some become an MP"

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Taxpayer funded welfare should be those who genuinely need it – not those content with living off the rest of us for all their days.

WATERCOOLER: Should youth be forced to wait for dole?

"Everyone needs a hand up, I am however all for cancelling payments if they rove to be lazy o not..."

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