March 2015

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WHENEVER Kristen Jamieson looks down at the vibrant flower tattoo on her leg she thinks of her dad, Allan Jamieson.

Tattoos are more than a pretty picture

"Agree, just take a canvas that is painted and crunch it up and look at it - same pic or what ???"

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JOYCE Mayne Mackay is closing its doors.

Electronics store Joyce Mayne is closing down

"They did nothing for me in the way of Customer Service, I stopped going simply because of the Arrogance..."

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AFTER donating $50,000 to help cyclone-ravaged Vanuatu, the Sunshine Coast mayor is hoping other Queensland councils will follow suit.

Mayor asks for donations from other councils

"I just sent an e-mail a member of my family and cane farmer offered to relocate up to 40 on his farm..."

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CAN Australia's World Cup Cricket champions celebrate their victory without getting blotto? Not in Shane Warne's books it seems.

Hey Shane Warne, promoting booze is just not cricket

"I knew this would bring debate, Get this in your head, Australia was built on having a beer after a job..."

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THEY are our humble heroes and now they’ve won recognition at a national level.

Central Queensland men recognised in Bravery Awards

"I love these types of Stories, Makes me proud to be an Aussie"

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CHANNEL 9 says it has recorded one of its biggest sporting audiences after 3.196 million tuned in to watch Australia beat India.

3.196 million Aussies tune in for World Cup cricket win

" Bet they don't get that sort of ratings with the NRL this year I for one am sick of all the so called..."

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A LABOR MP has made a personal explanation to Parliament this morning following claims he had not been paying child support to his children.

Labor MP Billy Gordon failed to pay child support

"Its tough out there my wife had 2 kids to her first hubby he dodged payments all his life, I didn't..."

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A HEAVILY pregnant woman who was just eight days shy of her due date was handed a $130 parking fine at her local Asda supermarket for parking in the “parent and toddler” bay while “not accompanied” by a child.

Heavily pregnant woman fined for parking in parent bay

"Was this rule made before or after she became pregnant, you lady are not sick or had children with you..."

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I WAS the mad Kiwi screaming at the TV screen as the Black Caps powered past South Africa in Tuesday’s World Cup cricket semi-final.

The Black Caps' semi win was worth all my mad screaming

"Simply Put The Kiwi's where lucky to win against S.A, The rain saved their bacon. They wont even come..."

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HOW much is a life worth?

Family says just a matter of time before fatality on street

"Yep that's not the only Place we have had several similar incidents in McHugh Street, We have been..."

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