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"The Media make me laugh you carry on like its the worlds greatest Crime for not allowing boats to..."

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"ACTIVIST groups are outraged by a decision to approve the Carmichael Coal and Rail Project. Of..."

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"The rest of the world moves away fro coal - almost 2 billion people in China and they are building 1..."

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"Sex Discrimination Commissioner, Elizabeth Broderick said She said one of the most disturbing aspects..."

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Stalls and people at QME 2014.

QME 2014

24 Jul 2014

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"If it was south east Queensland the merging lane would be at least one or two kilometres long, up north..."

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"This is definitely good, unless your a Green Supporter, think of all the extra carbon monoxide being..."

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"Why worry about that the establishment are busy chasing after a guy who sat on top of a dead whale."

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"They will have to replace Sam with Mel, cos Mel was much sexier !!!"

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"Malaysian Airlines must be help accountable, flying over a war zone to save fuel and perhaps time. this..."

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