August 2016

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Take a trip back in time this week on Foxtel.

Come together to revisit history on Foxtel this week

"Don't talk to me about Foxtel. they are liars and thieves, agree to a monthly payment apparently..."

February 2016

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QUEENSLAND Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk says her controversial liquor lockout laws will save lives and encourage more patronage in safer precincts.

Premier says new Qld lockout laws will save lives

"If she is wrong, Will she Resign "

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TRUDIE Bishop doesn't want people to miss out on the experience of dinnertime

Dinnertime the chance to table family conversation

"I said years and years ago 24/7 trading would destroy family life"

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WHAT would you do if you had the chance to be mayor for a day?

If I were Mayor for the day, I'd...

"I would sack half of the entire council workforce and make them reapply, hiring only the right people..."

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UNITY between staff and councillors was the key message delivered by Mackay Mayor Deirdre Comerford at what was potentially her last council meeting yesterday.

Mayor says she is proud of unity between councillors, staff


January 2016

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Roadworks will be stepping up around Moranbah in coming weeks sparking a warning from Isaac Regional Council

Residents urged to slow down during council work

"I agree 100% but during my travels and I travel about 80,000 K per annum, I notice the main constant..."

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MELBOURNE Renegades have acted on Chris Gayle’s controversial interview with Channel 10’s Mel McLaughlin on Monday night, handing him a $10,000 fine.

Renegade action blows up a Gayle for Big Bash

"What a load of Tommy Trot, On the Breakfast Shows when a celebrity like Hugh Jackman, Or George Clooney..."

December 2015

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CFMEU Queensland district president Stephen Smyth said two of the men had been employees at Vale-owned Carborough Downs mine.

Union: Three cases of black lung recorded in three months

"How come and Why ? does the CFMEU not do anything about the road toll on roads leading to the mines..."

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FOREIGN Minister Julie Bishop cost taxpayers at least $30,000 by chartering a government jet to collect her and her boyfriend from a charity event.

Julie Bishop under fire for $30,000 jet charter from Perth

"The Media attacked Bronwyn Bishop for taking a Helicopter from one suburb to another, so how far is..."

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PHOTOS have emerged on social media of the popstar enjoying some down time on Hamilton Island with her crew.

Taylor Swift kicks media off Hamilton Island

"Great - The Media think they can rock up any where without rhyme or reason. Good to see one little Lady..."

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