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RIPPED OFF: Judy Hayhoe is one of five Bundaberg ladies that have had their travel holiday to the Kimberleys cancelled.

Travel agency asks pensioners to pay, then liquidates

FIVE Bundaberg women have lost almost $15,000 after the company they were planning a holiday with went into liquidation.


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Mum101 - Pallas Street Maryborough

Hard earned money handed over in good faith with the dream of a holiday at the end. Why does the government continue to let its citizens get ripped off. There must be a law that should protect people from this type of theft. The payments made should be...


Survey reveals just how dirty Aussies really are

A THIRD of us wear undies for a second or third day and go commando or wear swimmers rather than wash them, a nation-wide survey says.


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SuperiorIntellect - Q Supercentre

The source for these "illuminating" statistics? Anything credible? lol didnt think so. As if anyone would know what a third of folk do with their underwear. Please give even the bogans here credit for having at least 1/3 of a brain. Puuuleeese!

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