Greg Bray

Once, I dreamt of women in trades

WHEN I was a teenager I had a very memorable dream, possibly because for once it didn't feature Samantha Fox or Elle McPherson, or a combination thereof.

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mehere - Central Queensland Mc

ok. i'll take pride in women tradies once they are employed for their skills, not to fill a quota. then they have to be able to perform all aspects of that job like the heavy lifting. other tradies (men) are being overlooked for positions that they are...

Rob Kidd

Mo Swagger playing at the Gladstone Seafood Festival.

Get away from computer and enjoy local events

JUST KIDDING: The naysayers who hid behind their keyboards and belted the Gladstone Seafood Festival with a soggy toilet roll should be...

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edge81 - Kirkwood

Ah Rob, you obviously don't listen to community feedback either. We all went to the festival which is why there was such a huge number of attendees. What we are annoyed with is calling the festival a seafood one and then not having any seafood. Could...

Allen Winter

Gladstone Observer Allen Winter.

Time to stop whinging and start putting in

THIS 'N' THAT: People are happy to reap the benefits of hard work put in by volunteers, but aren't so keen to contribute themselves.

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yahoo - Yandaran

On the contrary, a lot of people who I talked to had been to the festival and left early disappointed with the whole thing. They are people who work longer hours than most people and look forward to enjoying the little time off they have. If a decent...

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