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OPINION: Failure to listen costs LNP dearly

FORMER LNP Member for Stafford Dr Chris Davis, whose resignation sparked last weekend’s by-election, is a thoughtful, intelligent man of considerable integrity.


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caught - Sunshine Coast & Region

@diggerjones1 "So what party did he win for in stafford then?" Interesting question. It certainly wasn't the LNP that the LNP has become under Campbell Newman. I suspect he was a Liberal Party member for a long time, before the merger with the...

Greg Bray

Greg Bray, columnist for the Gladstone Observer.

Opinion: Giving our Earth the benefit of the doubt

WRITIN' RETURN: Either something is seriously wrong with our climate, or my fruit trees have faulty calendars?


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GregBray - Gladstone

Hi Folks, thanks for dropping by. While Science wasn't my strong suit, I did enjoy History, and often wonder what the folk on Easter Island were thinking as they watched their leaders arguing over whether or not they should cut down the last couple...

Lighter Side

Caveman Chronicles

Rob Kidd

Allen Winter

Meredith Papavasiliou

The Observer editor Meredith Papavasiliou.

Anger over disgraceful treatment of Peter Greste

OPINION: Peter Greste is not a criminal. If he is, then so too am I and every one of my colleagues in the eyes of the Egyptian judicial system.


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Progressagain - Clinton

This little Aussie VegieMite ain't going anywhere near Egypt ever and I would suggest that all Aussies BLACK BAN the joint as of Now. If well known World Reporters working for a big media company are not safe nobody from any civilised country is.

Bill Hoffman

Damian Bathersby

Sami Muirhead

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