Councillor calls for landfill gas to be turned into electricity

Councillor Col Chapman

The move would help council achieve its renewable energy targets

Pair face court over infant's suspicious death

Man charged with manslaughter and cruelty, woman with cruelty

Gambler accused of ripping off $200K from Rebels member

The court heard the man posed as an investment company director


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Horse struck by lightning in Gympie storm

GOLF ball sized hail has been recorded in Kingaroy and there are reports a horse has been struck by lightning in Gympie

Hail hammers Kingaroy, horse struck by lightning in Gympie

A SEVERE thunderstorm has dropped golf ball sized hail in Kingaroy this evening.

Tornado touches down at Wellcamp airport: reports

A WELL-KNOWN storm chaser has reported a tornado formed near Toowoomba with eye-witnesses claiming to have seen a twister near Wellcamp Airport yesterday.

Brand Insights

Brand Insights

Reader photos: Gladstone pet owners snap animal selfies

Keeley and her horse 'ice cream'. Photo: Kelly McCann Hancock.

We asked you to send in your selfies with the best animals in your life.

Gladstone socials: Sunday night at Lightbox

Chelsea Lalor and Andrew Thomson at Lightbox on a Sunday night. Photo Mike Richards / The Observer

Lightbox was busy on Sunday night as Gladstone locals made the most of the...

Boyne Smelter Christmas party

Kayla Vandermerwe, 12 with sister Carla, 9 and Nadia Duplessis, 8, at the Boyne Smelter social club Christmas party. Photo Mike Richards / The Observer

The Boyne Smelter social club celebrated the holiday season with its Christmas...

The dancing cop

Gladstone drivers are amused by the dancing policeman directing traffic at the Kin Kora roundabout. Photo Mike Richards / The Observer

Gladstone drivers are amused by the dancing policeman directing traffic at the Kin...

Capricorn Conservation Council: Are shark nets too much?

SHARK SCIENCE: Tiger sharks are second only to great whites in attacking people.

“Many of the shark species caught include small or harmless sharks"

Air cooled: Old trucks, new parts and Caramello koalas

The grass had grown so long I couldn’t find the bloody mower.

CENTENARY: 100 days in US national parks

From Hawaii to Maine, the tour visits national parks and other sites

Tip of the spear: a whole new world of fishing adventure

Blue water diving will often get you some cracking fish, but you will need a boat to find them

Spearfishing isn’t just a way to catch a feed; it’s a lifestyle.

Bush cooking: How to make a camp oven pizza

Everyone loves pizza, it’s a favourite in our family

North Stradbroke Island: Too good to be true

Letting down your tyre pressure is paramount. Anyone who goes camping is usually packed to the brim so 18psi is a good starting point; this is where the tyre gauge and air compressor earn their keep.

What Straddie has to offer needs to be experienced, not explained.

Kin Kora road works

Traffic was flowing relatively well this afternoon at the Kin Kora intersection.

One golf buggy found

One golf buggy was found at a home on Hampton Dr in Tannum Sands. Photo Contributed

One of the two stolen golf buggies has been found at a Hampton Dr address in Tannum...

Students hand over 34 Christmas hampers

Clinton State School students handed over 34 hampers to Anglicare for the Adopt a...

COLUMN: Stupid policies forced renting families from homes

Renters being forced out by people on higher incomes: report

How to add $30,000 value to a new property

Nearby local village or small business cluster boosts value

Gladstone houses take less time to sell

REIQ data shows it takes an average of 100 days to sell a house in Gladstone

It takes around 100 days to sell a house in Gladstone

What two weeks without exercise does to your body

When people are exercising regularly, they have more healthy food cravings.

Tempted to ditch the gym for drinks and Christmas dinners?

Can we justify killing animals for food?

"Given cattle are major producers of greenhouse gases, on balance, it would be better if they didn't exist", says a bioethics professor. Photo / Getty

Philosophers discuss the ethics of eating our animal friends

'Do the Nae Nae, punch Hitler': Kid's take on holy rules

The 11-year-old has 'updated' what thou shalt do and not do. Photo / ucfjag, Reddit

What would the 10 commandments be like if an 11-year-old wrote them?